Attica – Athens of Greece

Attica – Athens of Greece

The city of Attica

Attica it’s imperative to visit here, in this magnificent region, where every inch of land and the sea coast breathes a legend and memories of the past.
Cozy bay, bay, picturesque capes, olive groves, wild beaches, the majestic beauty of the mountains of Parnif, Pendeli Gimet. The climate of Atika seems to be healthfully therapeutic, has a healing effect on the body and soothes the soul. Atiki resorts attract celebrities here.
Attika is a whole of the kaleidoscope of the historical treasures of Greece, monuments, and sights: Cape Sounio from the temple and Poseidon and Athens, the temple of Artemis in Vravron, the temple of Demeter in Eleus, the monasteries of Denmark and Caesarian, the cave of Kutuki and many others. other
The charm of Attica for the thousands of years of poets, musicians, philosophers, and orators.
Unique knocked down and villas are located on the coast. Consist of 1 or 2 bedrooms and separate rooms. living room with fireplace. Yard apartment with spacious bedrooms and living rooms with a fireplace, high level of luxury: exquisite marble bathrooms with steam baths, bathrooms with the message system and shower cabins.
7 restaurants, 4 bars, concierge, beauty salon, fitness club, massage in the room, WiFi, laundry service, private flights, yacht rental, limousine, banquet halls, 2 seawater pool.
Much for children
Spa massage, hydro-aromatherapy, children’s comprehensive program.
Sprout. 2 illuminated tennis courts with a natural surface, basketball and volleyball court, mini golf, water sports on the beach, underwater swimming club, summer cinema.




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