Argentina hotels and travel, Travel Argentina vinery tours

Argentina hotels and travel, Travel Argentina vinery tours

Argentina is The beautiful country to travel to. When I arrived in Argentina it was raining. I was waiting for a taxi at the station and it becomes a long waiting and was pleasant ask if i did like to share a taxi with some people into town, I agree. A pleasant businessman from Brazil was quite polite. While driving is was still raining. The first impression was not so good. The view from the window was just along with gray and identical high -rise buildings. After driving some time the old beautiful houses began to be seen closer. When came to a luxury hotel, the place around did Impress me by unusual beauty. Has not yet come to my senses, that I have already arrived, I decided to stop for a short while. From the window of the hotel was the Colonna Theater. This is the famous opera house in the world.

After resting from the flight, I went to another city of Mendoza. For the first time, the acquaintance ended with Buenos Aires.
There was a long way to Mendoza by bus. In Autobus comfortable places with blankets. Dinner and breakfast and gave even champagne. wonderful view of the winery landscape was open, which are famous in the world. Rich houses, pitchforks with beautiful gardens.

Arriving in Mendoza, I stopped at the hostel. It was very cold there and we decided to move. Having moved to another hostel, Having rested they decided to explore the neighborhood and went to the restaurant. Cozy local restaurant with Argentinean interior and Argentinean food. Looking around the pleasant and hospitable atmosphere, it became as cozy and warm. We had a good time to try Argentine pasta and wine.


Hotels and travel Argentina

Hotels and travel Argentina, and Looking around the pleasant and hospitable atmosphere, it became as cozy and warm. We had a good time to try Argentine pasta and wine.
In the morning, I went to a friend. Deciding to look at yourself in local life and see the sights.
We talked with him a lot, he was very interested in learning about Russian life, because of his roots in Russia.
In the evening we went to his work, to shoot a program about food. So we spent the first day there.
In the morning they were going to go for new impressions. He did first give a delicious breakfast and coffee, which was very tasty.
We drove for a long way and it took some time until we found a delightful place, among mountains and forests
I discovered amazing views. There stretched the majestic hills surrounding the valley of the Village of Grande, full of greenery and a green thicket. Although it was still winter. On the left side, there is a boarding house with small houses, like our rest houses. It was interesting to see how the rest of Argentina. Of course, near the houses favorite facilities for the famous meat Asado.
After driving further we got to the place where the forest mountains were nearby and the mountain stone river rustled. We stopped to admire the views and take a picture. There is also a link.
Then we went further into the mountains, rose higher and higher, but these mountains were already in June was flowering with beautiful greens and forests
Climbing high above could be seen a wonderful lake. Where we stopped to take a picture. This lake. Not far from this place is the bridge, where this boarding house could be seen.
When they went up into the mountains it seemed to me that I was dreaming. There’s still a lot of what I saw and what I can tell.

In the morning I was offered to take pictures for the whole day. Feel like an Argentinean model. We worked all day at his house and in his studio. They took pictures with wine advertising Again it was a busy day. The next morning, waking up from the smell of fragrant coffee. which my friend made me. I went out with coffee on the porch. It was sunny and warm. Listen to the singing of birds.  After returning home, a friend invited me to go to a spa hotel.
First – class luxury With several saunas, a mineral water pool, massage with stones, a room with a hot plate. I felt great. All day, I spent at the hotel. Arriving home, I just fell asleep.
In the morning we went back to the mountains, but already further where the snow and many cars met on the way and stood in the road. And people made a snowman and rejoiced over the remaining snow.
Snowmen, they call Mouniak and put snowmen on the hoods of cars. Looking at the people, photographed them we went further, watch the Argentine expanses.
For any trip, we necessarily visited some famous place about which my friend told me and what you can write about. In the famous bridge of the Incas also saw. He was not far from the hotel, but he was swept away by an avalanche. Now there is a pool with springs that flows nearby.
About this hotel, you can tell a lot of interesting things, but it’s later. Once we stopped by his friend, who has his wineries with vineyards and his own restaurant. This place reminded me of an ancient ranch, which is shown in the Argentine serials. It is close to the border of Chile and Argentina. Ranch with a garden of flowers and plants. Where after lunch we rested and drank tea. In the evening, famous Asado meat was made. When going home we visited the place where people walking. they look like Indians. Nearby there is another lake and a long bridge So, I spent a few weeks in this wonderful city, or rather the suburb of San Rafael. Continuation soon in Buenos Aires.

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