Aleksandr Pushkin, Aleksandr Pushkin Poem,Aleksandr Pushkin place

Aleksandr Pushkin, Aleksandr Pushkin Poem,Aleksandr Pushkin place

Aleksandr Pushkin, My fantastic traveling to Russia, and see the beautiful architecture, and the rich stories became a great experience with lots of nice pictures, and rich memories for life. Russia is a very good destination for those who like historical memories and experience of life.
Russia’s greatest poets Aleksandr Pushkin was born in Moscow, publishing his first poem when he was only fifteen years old. He graduated from the first cohort of the Tsar’s Lyceum in Tsarskoje Selo near St. Petersburg. After completing education, he threw himself into a more lively youth culture in the capital. In 1820 he released his first long poem, Ruslan, and Ludmila, who became highly controversial because of his theme, content, and style.

Aleksandr Pushkin house

Aleksandr Pushkin received a very early commitment to social reforms and acted as an advocate for literary radicals. This hurt the Tsar regime, and they got him moved from St. Petersburg. He first arrived in Chişinău where he became 1823 and wrote, after a summer visit to the Caucasus and Crimea, the Prisoner of the Caucasus and the Source of Bachtschisaraj, two poems that made him famous in Russia. 1823 Pushkin moved to Odessa, where he again conflicts with the regime that sent him in exile to his mother’s property Mikhailovskoje near Pskov in 1824-1826. Pskov is a wonderful cozy town right outside St.Petersburg. The Pushkin, however, was allowed to visit Tsar Nikolai I to apply for a pardon, which was also granted. Unfortunately, for Pusjkin, some members of the 18th-century conqueror had copies of his works, and they were used as a pretext for censorship and to limit Pushkin’s freedom of movement. He had written the piece Boris Godunov, one of his most famous pieces, at this time, but the publication was postponed for another five years due to the authorities’ intervention.



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